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Demo: voice-over for Avery Graphics

Avery Graphics are a very big graphics design and production company. They also design, print and apply those wonderful and colorful advertising stickers you see on so many corporate vehicles these days. That’s actually a pretty complicated job! (I myself can’t even get a stamp on an envelope properly aligned…)

They provide in-house training to their staff, for which I’ve voiced a number of video’s. Below is a ‘teaser’ video for the staffers that are about to get this extensive training.

Recording this one was easy: I recorded a draft version, so the editor could time the video. Then I recorded it properly (which meant replacing only a few segments, though I’d have been happy to do it again from scratch if needed) and it timed perfectly.

Production was handled by Wouter Goudswaard of B-Creative.

Thanks to the kind people of for their free service, which enabled me to convert the video to FLV.

Demo: voice-over for promo video

For Mastervolt I recorded this video, to explain their remote control systems for onboard electronics. We didn’t shoot it on board my own yacht, because… well, I don’t have one. Yet. But I do have the right accent to go with such high-class, quality services, don’t I? 😉

I recorded the audio at home, music was added by the editor. No retakes were needed, but I’d have been happy to do them.

(Note: voice-over starts at 1:06 seconds, Youtube-player should start there as well.)

The video was produced by Kristel van der Velde, whom I can recommend to anyone who needs to have a video produced.