FREE voiceover files!

To promote this website and my services as a voice-over artist I am happy to offer you several pre-made recordings free of charge. These clips suit all kinds of uses, from software development to radio station announcements. You can use them for free! Just read these simple guidelines before you listen to a preview:

  • You may use these clips for the stated purpose ad infinitum.
  • You may not resell them.
  • You may not put them on your own website.
  • You may not link to the file(s) directly.

I’d appreciate a link to on your website.

Download free voice recordings in these categories:

Most files are available with a British (UK) and American (US) accent. Most recordings have 2 takes. You will need to do some editing, to isolate the recordings you need.

Get the cuesheet (all the texts) here: download PDF.

It is appreciated if you tell me what you have done with the recording. Usage is FREE, I just like to know where my voice has ended up! Mail  me and send along a clip of what you’ve made (if you like). Mail me via:

How to download the high quality files

You’ll need the link and the password.  Mail freefiles{a} and an autoresponder will send you the info within a few minutes. Your message can be empty.