Free Spoken Software Messages

Download free audiofiles to include in your software application. Don’t use a synthesized voice, use a REAL one! Help blind and visually impaired users to use your software, but don’t make them suffer with fake voices!

Listen to a preview (low quality) of the voice recording.

Get the cuesheet (all the texts) here: download PDF.

Recordings in this file are:

– Copy
– Paste
– Edit
– Print
– Send to printer
– Save as PDF file
– Open file
– Save
– Save as
– Error
– Server not ready
– Printer not ready
– Please enter your first name
– Please enter your last name
– Please enter your email
– Please enter the serial number
– Please enter your login name
– Please enter your password
– Click here
– Please choose from these options
– Please read the message on screen
– Please contact support
– Please consult the manual
– Please consult the helpsection of our website
– Unknown input
– Unknown variable
– Unknown command
– Unknown setting
– Unknown filetype
– Fi le not found
– Directory not found
– Record not found
– Your file has not been saved. Are you sure you want to quit?
– Operation successful
– Correct
– Confirmed
– Acknowledged
– Update complete
– Download complete

Click here to download the high quality version of this file.

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