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You’ve just found your voice-over guy!

Granted, you probably won’t need a Dutch voice-over all that often. But you may need one who speaks both English AND Dutch. Or maybe German? Whatever your needs are, you’ll be glad you found this website.

Martin in his studioYou see, it’s all about YOU here. YOUR assigment needs to be done quickly, affordably and professionally. Sure, like all the other voice-overs you’ve ever met, I too am desperately seeking validation and am using this as an excuse for a failed acting career. But the difference is I won’t bother you with all that! Isn’t that great?

So here’s what to do: three easy steps.

1. Get a quote and a free demo. No obligations!

2. Send me the text

3. Go out, get a coffee, maybe go see a movie. Whatever you like. Because your part of the job is done!

Before we proceed

Sorry to trouble you with this, but there are a few things you need to know:

1. I am based in The Netherlands. For non-Dutch orders, I’m afraid I will require a downpayment or prepayment. I have a verified business account with Paypal, which means they have checked to see that I run a legitimate business in The Netherlands. I could also send you a copy of my registration with the Dutch chamber of commerce but… that’s in Dutch. Still, I’d be happy to provide that. There are also several companies that would be quite willing to provide a reference. Amongst them are Black Box Studios, Playnetic and the ‘Huissier de justice’ (bailiff, to you and me) I use as my debt collection agent, deurwaarderskantoor Haarlemmermeer.

It’s not as if I don’t trust you because really, I do. But big companies sometimes seem to have a lot of trouble with small invoices and it’s not as if I’ll start an international lawsuit for a few hundred bucks.

2. I accept international payments via Paypal only. I know there are a ton of payment services out there, but I happen to use Paypal. I’m affordable because I keep things simple at my end.

3. I stand by my work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. However, I do ask that you make any claims within 1 businessday after having received my work (unless we work something out, for instance when the assignment is rather big or you’re on vacation). Also, if I have provided a custom demo, the argument that my voice isn’t suitable really doesn’t fly.

4. Prices quoted are in Euro. As the Netherlands is a Euro-country, that means the exchange rate is my problem. That’s why I require payment in advance or within 14 days (including non-business days).

5. The buy-out is included in the price, but you can’t, for instance, cut a tagline for a radiocommercial from something I recorded as a corporate video. The buy-out only applies to the stated purpose of the recording. You may also want to read how a typical voice-over assignment is handled, if you’re new to this.