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Demo: Product info in English and Dutch

For PConTV I’ve voiced a series of brief instruction movies on setup and operation for their fantastic device. I’ve done both the English and the Dutch version, so now you have a chance to compare them.

You’ll find that my Dutch has no accent whatsoever, but in English I do sound rather ‘posh’. In fact, the accent is ‘Home Counties’ and it is actually the preferred accent for BBC newsreaders.

Here is an instruction video for setting up the PConTV box:

And here is the Dutch version, also voiced by me:

For my part, the recording process was very easy. The movies had already been scripted and recorded. I was merely given a few scripts, which I recorded in my home studio. I uploaded the files to my webserver, where the customer could download them. As I recall, only a few minor changes were needed for timing purposes. Also, we debated whether ‘Wifi’ should be pronounced as ‘wai-fai’ or ‘wee-fee’. I lost that particular discussion, so in these movies it’s ‘wee-fee’ now 😉

My rate was based on the total number of words for all scripts, with a nice discount because if you give me several movies to do it’s unfair if I charge my startup fee for every one of them, right? Also, those fixes were included in the price. And when a small section was added later on, I did that for free too. The buy-out was for unlimited use on the internet. (I can’t even recall the last time I put a cap on a buy-out for non-broadcast: when I quote a price, it’s ALL-IN.)